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Dear Yuletide Author -

Thank you for writing for me! I love these series and can't wait to see what you come up with.

In general I'm fine with something anywhere from Gen to NC-17, but if it is a shippy fic I don't want any non-canon pairings and please keep the HEAs from the books (i.e. no breakup fics). I'm not super into aus for these fandoms that change their talents/professions (e.g. flowershop au, coffee shop au), but a modern au that otherwise keeps the settings/power dynamics/magic would be cool for any of these fandoms. I'll always be happy with a pwp.

General squicks: incest, daddy kink, bloodplay, scat, character death

Whyborne and Griffin
Feel free to treat the character list as "any" not "all"! I don't mind spoilers but so far I've only read through book 7. I have read the short story with Maggie and Persephone, and would love a fic exploring their relationship more. With Whyborne and Griffin, I love how "established relationship" they are and would love some curtain fic. There are a lot of tentacles in this fandom, feel free to go somewhere with that.

Society of Gentlemen
I'd love slice of life for any of these pairings. There's so much going on between different pairings during someone else's book. Anything with Ash and Francis during A Gentleman's Position or what happened when Julius actually bought Harry his earring, for example.
If you like Dom and Silas, a fic where Silas discovers he isn't into something Dom asks for, or is stressed by something and safewords, I would be into that.

A Charm of Magpies

My favorite part of this series is how they're both assholes, but they love each other so much even when their assholery is at odds with each other. I also love absurdly overpowered characters, and Stephen and Crane are both that in their own way. I'd love something set after the main series, when they're finally leaving London. Shanghai is probably a ludicrous amount of research, but an interlude on the boat to Shanghai? In the third book, the magic in Crane's blood is waking up, maybe that causes some interesting times. Or, again, anything during the series Gen or otherwise. PWP wise, I'm super into their aggressive consent play/bondage/size kinks.

Obviously their book ends with a huge open question wrt how their lives change being involved in the justiciary. Gen fic where Ned is starting to learn more about magic and practitioners? Crispin's first case as a justiciar or the two of them taking a moment for themselves after what is inevitably a dangerous, life threatening situation? Or maybe something exploring Stephen training Crispin as a justiciar, or the first time the two of them meet Lord Crane?
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Hello! Thank you so much for signing up to write/draw something for the Yuri on Ice Rare pairs fest, I'm excited to see what you come up with!

I am OK with anything G to explicit.

I love fun casual sex, cute aus (especially in art), friendship fic, angst or h/c as long as there's a happy ending, and risk aware consensual kink (restraints/bondage, D/s, edging, etc). Also especially for art (but also fic!) boys in lingerie always make me happy. Sex pollen and a/b/o are good as long as they aren't upsetting for the characters involved (e.g., please don't sex pollen a character and have traumatized by the experience). I'm OK with gender-bends or cisswap but it's not my favorite thing in this fandom, since I find the show's treatment of gender and gender expression really interesting in its own context like Yuri P being compared to a prima ballerina and Yuuri K's/Viktor's bi-gendered Eros costume.

Some pairing specific thoughts -

For Yuuri & Yuuko, I keep thinking about Yuuri at her wedding and what that fic might be like (he would be so happy for her! And might get drunk!) Or maybe the last time he saw her before he left for the US...or right after she had the kids, or even a little fic about when they were kids just learning to skate.

Christophe/anyone - I love Christophe's over the top sexy vibe. him/anyone casual sex seems both likely and fun. For Christophe/Yuuri/Viktor I love the headcanon that Christophe used to hook up with Viktor and would love to hook up with the both of them now.

Christophe/Phitchit - I like the idea that they're in a relationship that just never made it into the show, or Phitchit has a crush on Chris :3

Phichit/Yuuri - I'd rather this be pre-series or recognize Yuuri's in an open relationship with Viktor, but in any case it seems like in the show Phichit is one of the only characters Yuuri feels close to. Certainly in the little flashback they seem like close friends! So any fic based on their close friendship would be great.

Yuuri & Yuri - There's so much complexity in their relationship! Yuri's looking up to Yuuri, maybe even a crush on him?

Mila/Sara - they deserve to have some fun with each other.

I hope you have fun with this exchange, I look forward to your work! I can answer questions via the rare pairs mods, or drop me an Anonymous ask on tumblr under this username.
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Dear Yuletide Author,
First of all thank you so much for offering to write! This is my first time signing up for Yuletide and I am super excited for anything and everything that might result. I'm including a bunch of likes/dislikes and some vague prompts, but these are all suggestions and I just hope you have fun with it!
Squee and favorites: I like a lot of things! I like tropes but I love trope subversions even more. I like gen friendship fic. I like pining and UST as long as it's resolved in the end. I like duos becoming threesomes and and poly Vs becoming poly triangles. I love characters loving each others competence. I like sexual exploration and Risk Aware Consensual Kink. And I love me a good au.
Squicks and dislikes:  Please absolutely no incest, scat, bloodplay, or daddy kink. Other dislikes are unhappy endings, hurt no comfort, abuse  between the main pairing characters, non-con, character death, humiliation as a D/s thing.

For the OT3s below, please no infidelity fic - negotiated poly/open relationships only

The Fire's Stone - Tanya Huff
Darvish, Chandra, Aaron
You can treat these character requests as 'any' not 'all'. I would love any post-book tag that explores this relationship, it's such a tantalizing set up with a lot of open questions! 
I would love to see Darvish and Aaron exploring their sexual relationship, how Aaron deals with his feelings and the two of them figuring out what they like together. 
I know Chandra is often characterized as ace. I'm fine with that but I personally headcanon her as curious but not interested *yet*, especially since she's younger than the boys (uh... I think? I'll be honest I didn't re-read the book before writting this) - but further down the line, especially with protection against pregnancy, I think she'd get involved physically in their relationship either watching Darvish and Aaron or joining in. I would be super into the fic where she joins one or both of them in bed for the first time.
I would also love a not explicit/gen fic just exploring their convenient domestic arrangement, how they use it to their respective advantages or what their countries think.
The Shannara Chronicles (TV)
Eretria, Amberle
Honestly I would really love some smut for this pairing but if that's not what you're into, anything exploring their tentative friendship or learning to trust each other would hit my buttons. I love the scene in S1E7 in the burried school where Eretria starts to open up a little(Confession, as of writing this I've only watched through S1E7 but don't worry about spoilers!) .
If you do want to write some smut, the bath scene in S1E6 is a good example of what I love in this pairing. Seductive confident woman pulls curious but tight laced woman out of her shell. Tender explorations, gentle teaching, everyone is very wet.
The Queen's Thief
Eugenides (Queen's Thief) Costis (Queen's Thief) Attolia (Queen's Thief)
I ship Gen/Costis/Attolia but if you don't, just the canonical Gen/Attolia is fine with me (with or without Costis as a character in the fic) or something gen!
I love Costis's awe and devotion toward both of them. I love Gen's helplessness in the face of his destiny and Irene's iron grip on her country. I don't have any prompts in mind but I may add some later. I promse I am just here for anything you're excited to write for these characters.

This DW account seems empty because I used to be at [personal profile] ninja_orange.


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